Sunday, November 15, 2009

please start reading my new blog.






mrs. jones

Friday, November 6, 2009

new blog.

since i am now married.

to my nic.

i figured, just wasn't cutting it for me.

so join us....

see your faces there.

Monday, October 19, 2009

[nine days]

if you were wondering. i'm getting so excited to miss this boy. and he sure is excited to marry me. at least that is what he say. i've been obsessing over his baby pictures lately. i mean honestly. have you meet a cuter little boy. because i'm pretty sure our kids are going to be the luckiest in town. if they get his genes.

thanks nic for being such a hard worker. this is a project of nic's he is the best landscaper in the state. not to mention his full time job. we sure are lucky to be hard working kiddies so that we can have all the things that we do. i love you nic jones. only nine more sleeps.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

ten days. [and counting]

this is the face i get from my nic everyday. this is the why are you stressed out so much babe. and the answer is, because i'm getting married in ten days. it's different then i thought. it's better than christmas eve, the week before my mission, better than high school dances, or the antisipation of going school shopping. knowing that i get to live with this guy for the next eternity makes me have permanent butterflies.

nic is the most patient man on the face of the earth. he has been so helpful and involved in the wedding celebration of the century. at least for us. we've borrowed a quote from my good friend Craig P (aka president burton) Go Big or Go Home. every extra dime we have to spend we just laugh and say, well we're only doing this once.

weddings sure are expensive. but we have done a great job keeping our cost under control. that is a great part about nic and i. i'm miss thrifty, lets find a deal, get a deal, barter, plead and shop until we get what we want for the price we want. and nic is keeping track of my deals and teaching me that sometimes we have to pay a little more than we wished. to get what we want.

ten days is a short time. ten days is just over a week. we are working on the final touches. which are turning out just as perfect as the rest. ordering pictures, making sure the jones soda's have their labels, and getting my dressed cleaned. we are busy as ever and it has taken it's toll on both of us. sometimes our fuses get shorter and my feelings get more tender than usual which as you all know, is almost impossible. but over and over again. i am reminded of why i love my nic.

heavenly father sure loves me. my life works out. it's true. i feel like the most blessed young lady on this earth. i pray every night that i can live the life that heavenly father has intended. but it just seems too great. i'm just too lucky.

may the lord bless and keep us these next few days, we are on the final stretch.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


my life is so great. really. so so so so great. i am getting married in TWENTY-TWO days. which is one day less than three weeks. amazing. let me tell you how the story goes. and twenty two great things about my great wedding.

1-first and most important is my nic. i am so lucky to have found him, or to have moved to WJ on my birthday in 5th grade. we brought donuts to school for the class. bet nic loved that about me. glad we were debate partners, glad that his report was on nevada and mine was on rhode island. glad that i remember him and that he gave me stickers. but mostly i am grateful for who he is now. for the fact we both served missions, that we both love life and that we have the greatest families ever (shout out to jenelley).

2-our photog is on the top of our list of great things. too. so grateful for brynne b and her efforts via email (thanks dfcu) to help us choose a great. thanks to addie and trav as well as my good friend zachy holmquest for choosing d-izatt as well. now we have great friends (dustin and tiffany). but also the best pictures EVER. i'm honestly obsessed. i do not have internet access while at work. but i email myself the pictures and stare at them constantly. love love love.

3-my dress. knew it from the begining. it's perfect for me. nothing i ever imagined but gorg. flatters this chubby little body like i was a size two. thanks maggie sottero. thanks also to naomi ruth jenkins for her advice. thanks to wendover and my sister dommy for paying for it. i love every minute of it.

4-rice eccles stadium for hosting our ring ceremony as well as our little celebration. love this story. love love love it. when we first talked marriage, it was my first thought. perfect for nic. perfect for the ocassion. love the flexibility of working with them. love the location. love my life.

5-LOVE our wedding colors. BLACK, WHITE, and COPPER. think it's going to be the best in town. can't wait for my classy brides maids in their individual black dresses. love that everyone can use their own style. love how easy it is to find everything in black and white. :)
[maid of honerst]
6-love our spray painted creations thanks to Ricy Vance. Love spending hours in his basement working on things for the wedding and being exhausted.

7-Mostly i love our invitations with the inserts that match. love that nic was not too ticked when i made the expensive request. love that Aunt Kay didn't see her inserts. yours will be in the mail very shortly. do not worry one little bit :)

8- So excited for the festivities at Chili's. Perfect for Nic and I. We love the Chili's. Our second date was there. I think we fell in love there truly. He also took me there before our engagement and every other time in between and after. we love it. chips and salsa with an extra ranch and extra salsa. :)

9-Very excited for the out of state visitors. My dear friends Marba and Meghan are coming in from Denver and Vegas. Sad to not see miss cimino. Love her and mississippi but the Peterson's will be there and represent her. Mostly excited for nic's sister-in-law Jenelley and of course Jord and Madi. They are amazingly fun and some of my favs. Sad that they are staying all week while we are not there. But so excited that they can make it. Thanks for making sacrifices for the wedding.

10-the fact that so many people are willing to come to our wedding on a wednesday. thanks for making sacrifices. thanks for taking off work or doing whatever you have to do. we realize it's inconvenient thanks for being so willing to help.

[all of these people are taking days off work]
11-schmidts bakery and the yummy cupcakes from cindy. love their treats. can't wait to eat them all. [because that is what i will be doing during our reception].

12- so thankful for Danica nic's cousin for helping me with the candy buffet as well as coming with me up to Rice Eccles. so much fun to get to know his family and especially Danica and her extreme creativity.

13-the many showers that my friends and familys have gone out of their way to give me! and all the presents that people are so nice to give us. i especially love scoob's christmas tree. and i'm so excited that our kitchen is officially MUSTARD thanks to flower and laura.

14-the fact that my cousin leslie jean will be my escort at the temple. so glad for her. so so so excited that she is my cousin and my bestest bud. glad that she got married just a few days before my mission so i could be with her in the temple. she is the best example to me. hover hover hover.

15- that we are so lucky to go on a honeymoon to thayne wy! I love it.

16- THAT I AM GETTING MARRIED IN OCTOBER [on my nanny's birthday]

17- the fact that i get to use nana's wedding ring. never could be more grateful for aunt keri and aunt kay. thank you thank you. i love my life.

18- that my little tally roo and madi girl have the same twinner dresses and that bisquet has never been more excited to wear a tuxedo.

19- our happy little home. so sad that it's taking FOR-EV-ER to finish and that the state of utah housing dept thinks that going on a mission is worthless. whateva. i loved my mission. even though it's costing me an additional 4,000 dollars. and i am excited for our housey!!!

20- that nic looks so smashing in his tuxedo. love that. glad i finally realized that tuxedos were an important part of the wedding day. so glad that i have a fashionable fiance. who knows great style. even if he doesn't like booooooooooots.

21-the best part of the day is that we get to be with our families and friends. we will be missing the mitch a very mucho though. seriously. very very sad about missing his face.

22- the salt lake temple. the most important part of this wedding shabangbang is that that we are getting married in the temple. sealed for time and all eternity. how thankful i am for the knowledge of this important restored covenant on earth. and that i get to get married in such a pretty castle. to my nic.

twenty two days...